Google has released the source code for an an Android phone GPS program called My Tracks, which lets people record where they've been, log journeys in Google Docs, and post their trip maps online.
"You can expect My Tracks to become better than ever with the contributions we hope it will receive from other developers, and also that many applications which work side-by-side with My Tracks will be written," Google engineer Rodrigo Damazio said in an e-mail list posting Friday. "For instance, one could easily build an application for tracking fitness activities, geocaching, aviation, and so on."

The move means also means enthusiasts can help with translation and programmers can create spin-offs for which they can charge money if they desire, he added. The software is governed under Google's preferred open-source license, the Apache License 2.0.
My Tracks lets people track their location on a map; the software shows a variety of details including speed, average speed, elevation gain, and distance traveled. Trips can be shown on Google Maps, publicly or privately, and each trip's statistics can be added to a Google Docs spreadsheet.

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