First off, you will need to have Apache and MySQL installed. You can download Apache at For information on installing Apache, see Joey's Apache Guide. Once Apache is set up, you will need MySQL installed and running. You can download the MySQL source from and for information on installing and setting up MySQL, you can read DJG's MySQL Guide.

After that, you need to retrieve the source for the mod_auth_mysql source.

Place the source into your apache tree in the libexec directory. Mine is located at

Next, you need to change directories to your apache bin, I would do this


	cd /usr/local/apache/bin/


Then compile everything:


	./apxs -c -L/usr/local/lib/mysql/ -lm \


That should compile everything nicely. Now you will need to edit your httpd.conf file:


	pico ../conf/httpd.conf


You should place a couple of lines into it. The first line should go at the end of your LoadModule section and look like this:


	LoadModule mysql_auth_module  libexec/


Then next line should go at the end of your AddModule section and it should look like so:


	AddModule mod_auth_mysql.c


Now, save this and see if it works by restarting apache:


	./apachectl restart


Everything should work out fine and you will be ready to create your table structure.

Next you need to set up your Database and Table for Authentication. There are various ways to go about this, I will give you the SQL query that will do this for you. You can use this query in the MySQl admin tool, or in phpMyAdmin, which I do:


	CREATE TABLE user_auth (
		user_name CHAR(30) NOT NULL,
		user_passwd CHAR(20) NOT NULL,
		user_group CHAR(10),
		PRIMARY KEY (user_name)


That should leave you with a nice little table that you can add things to in the future if need be. There are only two things left to do now, populate that table with data, and edit the httpd.conf one more time. Edit the httpd.conf again, and put this in a directory configthat you need for the directory you would like password protected.


	‹Directory /path/to/directory>
		Options Indexes FollowSymLinks

		AllowOverride AuthConfig

		order allow,deny
		allow from all


Now you will need to create your .htaccess file with these special parameters:

	AuthName			"Authorization Required"
	AuthType			Basic
	AuthGroupFile			/dev/null
	AuthMySQLCryptedPasswords	Off
	AuthMySQLHost			localhost
	AuthMySQLUserTable		user_auth
	AuthMySQLNameField		user_name
	AuthMySQLPasswordField		user_passwd
	AuthMySQLAuthoritative		On
	require valid-user


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