If you do not have the latest version of VMware Tools installed in the guest operating system, the wizard fails to create the package. If you need to create packages without installing the latest Tools version each time—for example, if you want to do a test deployment of these packages and don’t need the latest Tools in the resulting instances in order to run your tests—you can have the wizard ignore the Tools check.

To turn off the VMware Tools check during packaging

1 Close Workstation ACE Edition.

2 Use Notepad or another text editor to open the preferences.ini file, which is
located in <username>\Application Data\VMware.

3 Add this line to the file: pref.ignoreToolsPkgCheck = "TRUE"

4 Save and close preferences.ini.

To reinstate the VMware Tools check during packaging

1 Open preferences.ini again with your text editor.
2 Delete the added line or change TRUE to FALSE.
3 Save and close the file.


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