Use Windows Explorer to open the folder that contains the executable file that you want to convert into a screen-saver.

Locate the file you want to use, which will typically have an ".exe" file extension. Your .exe files may be hidden by default. If so, follow step #3 below. If not, skip to step #4.
Click on "Tools" in the Explorer bar, and then click "Folder Options" in the Windows menu. In the pop-up window, click on the "View" tab. Under "Advanced Settings," scroll down the list until you find the option that reads "Hide extensions for known file types." Uncheck this option. Click on "Apply" or "OK" and then close the window. Click the 'View' tab in the new window that appeared.
Select the .exe file you would like to convert and right-click on it. Choose the option to "Rename" in the drop-down menu.
Change the file extension from ".exe" to ".scr"
Right click the file again and then choose the option to "Install."


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