Trying to call a method in my activity from a fragment. I want the fragment to give the method data and to get the data when the method return. I want to achieve similar to call on a static method, but without the use of static because it create problems in the activity.

New to fragments so I need an easy and pedagogic explanation!



From fragment to activty:


From activity to fragment:

FragmentManager fm = getSupportFragmentManager();//if you added fragment via layout xmlYourFragmentClass fragment =(YourFragmentClass)fm.findFragmentById(R.id.your_fragment_id);

If you added fragment via code and used a tag string when you added your fragment, use findFragmentByTag instead:

YourFragmentClass fragment =(YourFragmentClass)fm.findFragmentByTag("yourTag");


原文取自 http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12659747/call-an-activity-method-from-a-fragment


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