multicast routing
By default IPv6 multicast routing is disabled, so you have to explicitly configure it in rc.conf.  

Currently there are two IPv6 multicast routing daemons available in package or ports (pim6sd = PIM-SM and pim6dd = PIM-DM), but please keep in mind that they are not installed in FreeBSD-RELEASE by default due to its licensing issue.


# Do IPv6 multicast routing.  By default it's "NO".
# Name of IPv6 multicast routing daemon.  
# You need to install it from package or port.

You can give arguments to IPv6 multicast routing daemon.  Normally
nothing is required.

-------/etc/rc.conf--------- mroute6d_flags="-d pim" # debugging option for pim6sd ----------------------------


    FreeBSD Multicast Routing


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