I have some command line scripts that I would like to modify to use Laravel's features (Eloquent etc).

How do I do that? I am aware that Laravel bootstraps from the index.html file. Is there any provision for running command-line apps / scripts?


  1. php artisan make:command MyCommand.
  2. Go to /app/Console/Commands/MyCommand.php
  3. Find:

    protected $signature = 'command:name';
  4. Change to:

    protected $signature = 'my:command';
  5. There's handle() method there you are able to fire some code:

    public function handle()
        echo 'Hello world';
  6. In the /app/Console/Kernel.php you will find protected variable $commands. Add your Command's class name.

    protected $commands = [
        // ...
  7. Run php artisan my:command.

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